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About Us

Industry Fitness was born out of the idea that there should be an alternative to the norm. We do not believe in year contracts and we do not approach you like car salesmen. All we offer are great workouts.

We also believe you should be comfortable and feel secure during your workout- so we run our bootcamp inside a beautiful dance studio with restrooms, a place to secure your belongings, and easily accessible water, drinks and snacks.  No more bugs, sun in your eyes, awful late summer heat, or looking for parking!  And we play great music to help make your workout fly by!

Andrew Mitchell


Personal Trainer

Bootcamp Instructor


Certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

I started out as a sports trainer in North Carolina, helping coach and train soccer teams, even working with a team in Tanzania (coaching in Swahili) Since moving to Los Angeles I have been working as a personal trainer in Hollywood for over 3 years now and have experience training with a wide variety of clients. 

I started Industry Fitness because having worked at one of the corporate gyms. I quickly realized that I did not agree with their approach of quantity over quality. Fitness cannot be streamlined and everyone does not fit into the same category. Training needs to be specific to the client, this is what I offer in the Industry Fitness Bootcamps and our personal training.